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Purpose of
North Carolina
ARRL Section Information

This web site was developed to provide up to date information to Internet users, particularly ARRL members in North Carolina on activities of radio amateurs, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) in North Carolina.

HTML pages on this site are mostly created by the webmaster, some by others, using the NCARRL Style Guidelines. All of the content and most of the attached files are provided by section officials. Note from webmaster: I would like to thank the web designers who are my coworkers who spent some of their lunch hours helping me, reviewing the site, and making design suggestions. Not being radio amateurs, they preferred to remain unnamed. They are very responsible for the latest upgrade.

The NCARRL web site is here primarily for the NC ARRL members, not for the ARRL, the officers, or the webmaster. We already know the information that we are trying to convey. If any user has a suggestion about the site, we want to know about it. If whatever your request happens to be is in any way possible, we will do our best to get it online. If you as a user find any kind of error, a misspelled word, an outdated or inaccurate fact, or bad a link, do not assume that it's already been reported. Instead, please contact the webmaster with as much information as possible, including the address of the web page and the nature of any correction that needs to be made. The same goes for any suggestions for additional content on the page. We will accommodate if at all possible.

Section Facebook Page

The North Carolina Section has a Facebook page. The Facebook page does not replace All important information is posted on NCARRL. The Facebook page will contain brief announcements, usually with links back to for detailed information. There will be no content available only on Facebook.

Permissions are set up world-readable on the Facebook page. Nobody needs an account to view the page. However, if you are a Facebook member and "Like" the page, our announcements will appear on your wall when you view your page, as for any other page.


The following are responsible for the NC ARRL Web site.

Marv Hoffman, WA4NC
North Carolina Section Manager

Tom Brown, N4TAB
North Carolina Section Emergency Coordinator

Susan Jones, WA4AKB
Web Caretaker

This site would not be possible without the input from many other contributors and reviewers. All ARRL NC Section Officials provide and revise content for their respective areas. In addition to those listed above this also includes Steve Misel, K4WEB for ARES® content, Dave Roy, W4DNA for NTS content, Virginia Enzor, and NC4VA for SKYWARN conten. Herb Lacey, W3HL, Carl Starnes, W4EAT, Dave Langley, W4YDY, and Weldon Fields, W4AJT have assisted with the History Section. Many others, some outside of this organization, also help with content and provide photos.

David McGough, KB4FXC and Bill Murrell, AD4DN donate web site hosting.

Past Contributors

Former webmasters: Errol Casey, KD4IHW, Steve Perry, KB4FXE, and John Covington W4CC (SK)
Former NC Section Managers: Karl Bowman, W4CHX, Tim Slay, N4IB, John Covington, W4CC, and Reed Whitten, AB4W
Former Section Emergency Coordinator: Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK and Mark Cantrell, KD4IMA for Tar Heel Emergency Net content.