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North Carolina ARES

A Message to the NC AUXCOMM Community

A Message to the NC AUXCOMM Community (word)

The Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) outbreak is causing considerable social and economic disruption around the world, as well as in the United States. Each new day brings reports of areas affected and additional persons positively diagnosed. A State of Emergency in North Carolina directed that public schools close for two weeks and that universities and community colleges switch to remote course delivery. Questions have been raised as to what Auxcomm is doing in response to this situation.

If there is a change in the tasking situation for Auxcomm personnel, you will be contacted. Meanwhile, make sure that all of your contact information in the Auxcomm database is correct.

Tom Brown, N4TAB


There is now a FEMA registration prerequisite for the FEMA training required by our served agencies. See the training page for details.

Tom Brown

North Carolina Emergency Management Areas

State of NC and ARES

NC Emergency Management Map

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Eastern Branch Central Branch Western Branch
ARES NC Emergency Management ARES NC Emergency Management ARES NC Emergency Management
ASEC: Vacant Dianne Curtis ASEC: Steve Misel
Steve Powers ASEC: Paul Robinette
Mike Cook
Area 1 Champion Cox, K2IUN Brian Parnell Area 6 Tom Hillery, KG4EDY Tim Byers Area 11 Jared Gohlke, N4JMG Greg Atchley
Area 2 Vacant Charles Tripp Area 7 Chris Nighswonger, KU4DD Alan Byrd Area 12 Bob Rodgers, KC4TVO Tiawana Ramsey
Area 3 Vacant Melissa Greene Area 8 Rhett Isley, KB4HG Yancy King Area 13 Ben Melvin, KM4C Jeff Cardwell
Area 4 Jerry Jones, KF4ASE Doug Haas Area 9 Dal Williams, W4YQY Dennis Hancock Area 14 Steve Emery, N4SET Jimmy Ramsey
Area 5 Vacant Vacant Area 10 Dwayne Ayers, N4MIO Ricky Tuttle Area 15 Duke Knief, W4DK Danny Gee