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NC ARRL Public Information Office

There will be a meeting to meet your new Roanoke Divisino Director, But Hippisley, W2RU in Goldsbor on Saturday, March 9, 2019.
Details and RSVP (pdf)

The ARRL has created a series of six posters, aimed at the general public, for use as part of a club or group’s outreach effort in their community. The posters are 11” x 17” and feature a contemporary design with limited text, aimed at a younger demographic (under 45 or so). The posters cover the following themes:

These were created for the 2017 National Scouting Jamboree. Scouting/Amateur Radio mentor Jim Wilson, K5ND, said that the posters were very effective at the Jamboree operating site.

These posters are available for free download in PDF format. You can get them at:

image of posters

How accessible are you? Are you identified in your club’s newsletter and web page? The PIO is a very integral person in the club and you should be visible in these social media outlets. Now that you’re identified, is your email also available so you can be contacted? You’re not doing your club any good as a PIO if you can’t be contacted. If you’re concerned about making your email public, I recommend you use Gmail and set up an email for your PIO endeavors. This way your normal email won’t be compromised and you’ll be available to anyone who has taken the time and trouble to search you out. You never know what opportunities may come your way.

My email is: