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Posted Aug 9, 2022

August 8, 2022


Summer is in full swing up here with warm afternoons and pop-up afternoon showers.  When the afternoon high temperature in and near Boone hits 88, it seems very likely that a lot of North Carolina is experiencing fairly high temperatures. 

The most recent report from the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council ( shows that approximately one third of North Carolina is experiencing drought or abnormally dry conditions.  The driest portions of North Carolina are in the Sandhills and Piedmont with the coastal area and the mountains having average rainfall for this time of the year.

We are much better off than those who obtain their drinking water and irrigation water from Lake Mead and Lake Powell , data for which was posted on August 4, 2022.

”Millions at risk of power and water shortages as two of the nation's largest reservoirs on the brink of "dead pool status," U.N. warns.

Millions of people in the Western U.S. are at risk of seeing reduced access to both water and power as two of the nation's biggest reservoirs continue to dry up inch by inch. The United Nations issued a warning on Tuesday that the water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell are at their lowest ever and are getting perilously close to reaching "dead pool status."

Such a status means that the water levels will have become so low that water can't flow downstream with enough force to spin the turbines at the dams.

At maximum capacity, Lake Mead has a water level of 1,220 feet, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. On August 5, 2020, Lake Mead sat at 1,084 feet above the mean sea level. This year, it's at 1,040 feet above sea level.. NASA has said this could be the worst drought in the region in 12 centuries and that water levels must stay above 1,000 feet to continue providing hydropower at normal levels.  ( )

Upcoming Hamfests

a.                   August 13,  Hamfest in Fayetteville, NC, organized by the Cape Fear Amateur Radio Club, information found at

b.                   September 2-4, hamfest in Shelby NC, organized by the Shelby Amateur Radio Club.  Information found at

c.                   September 24, hamfest in Lexington, NC, organized by the W4PAR Healing Springs Mountain VHF Society.  Information can be found at .

d.                   October 8, hamfest in Winston-Salem, organized by the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club.  Information can be found at

Asheville Radio Museum

A unique opportunity to examine some truly antique radios, some of which were manufactured in Western North Carolina—Hammarlund was manufactured at Mars Hill, NC.  There will be an event and swapfest at the Asheville Radio Museum on October 15.  The Museum is housed at the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Elm Building, 340 Victoria Rd Room 315, Asheville, NC 28801.   Save the date (October 15) – there will be a flea market as part of the event.  Information can be found by dropping an email to  This will be a great time to come to the mountains during the leaf looking season!!

TAPR Returns to Charlotte!!

September 16-18 marks the return of TAPR to Charlotte.  TAPR, the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio group, has long since moved beyond its original efforts involved in the development of packet radio modems.  TAPR now has sessions dealing with a variety of digital radio topics.  The 2022 TAPR Digital Communications Conference will be held at the Hilton Charlotte Airport Hotel. Information about TAPR DCC can be found at .


The Road Show Amateur Radio Club in Asheville is inviting amateur radio operators and clubs to consider partnering with the Road Show group in setting up a a special event station and ham radio exhibit at the Mountain State Fair in Mountain State Fair in September 2023.  The NC Mountain State Fair is held each year at the WNC Agriculture Center, 765 Boylston Hwy, Fletcher, NC 28732.  Between 2015 and 2019 three other clubs helped the Road Show Group with staffing and they are asking other clubs to consider participating next year (September 2023) in helping publicize amateur radio.  More information can be obtained by contacting N4HF, Phil Jenkns at


Director Jim Boehner and Vice Director Bill Morine prepared a Division Newsletter a week or so ago.  If you did not get their newsletter through the normal ARRL email system, you can read the newsletter by going to .  The Roanoke Newsletter lists upcoming hamfests and contains photos taken at various Field Day locations across the Division.


a.                   ARRL has recently implemented changes that are designed to help clubs financially.

The Club Commission program provides that a club that enrolls a new ARRL member and collects the new member’s dues and paperwork will receive a $15 commission from the League.  A member who renews their ARRL membership though the club will result in the club receiving a commission of $5 for each ARRL member who  pays ARRL dues and remits the dues and paperwork to ARRL HQ through the local club.

Information on how to access this club benefit can be found at .

b.                    ARRL HQ is urging clubs to update the information about their local club (officers, meeting dates and places, local webpage).  You should designate a club member to log into the webpage and make sure that the information for your club is current and accurate.


c.                   The ARRL Annual Report for 2021 has been released by ARRL.  The Annual Report which contains information about ARRL activities and finances  and  can be found at


d.                   Mike Walters, Field Services Manager, at ARRL indicates that there will very soon be an announcement of the first round of Club Grants coming from the $500,000 gift from ARDF to the ARRL.

Upcoming EmComm Training Opportunity

Dupont Rescue Experience

Personnel who are working on their Auxcomm Position Task Books may want to consider signing up for the Dupont Rescue Experience which is scheduled to be held at the Dupont State Forest near Brevard, NC.  The dates are November 11-13.  Registration is limited to 200 participants and there will be opportunities for various search teams to track and locate “lost” hikers. There will be a full-scale incident management team that directs activities for personnel involved in the logistics of feeding, evaluation, communications, briefing, and documentation. 

The training event provides the opportunity to be part of a large scale operation involving the numerous tasks involved  in a  large- scale disaster or emergency response.  Information can be found at   As more details become available, registration for the exercise will be listed at .



Boone is beginning to transition back into a full-time college town from being one filled with summer visitors.  Almost all apartment leases here run from August 1 to July 31.  Students living in apartments have begun to return and to meet up with their new apartment mates.  University residence halls will open up next week and the big move in will occur once again.

Local news accounts indicate that developers are planning new hotels and additional apartment construction.  Appstate continues to add residence hall capacity.

Best wishes to each of as you wrap up you summer plans and get set for leaf colors, football and crowded traffic.

Marv, WA4NC