Script for Monday Night ARES® Session

"This is _____________ , calling the Tar Heel Emergency Net. My name is ________ and I am located in ____________, North Carolina. The Tar Heel Emergency Net is the North Carolina Section HF ARES Net. ARES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, is a part of the ARRL Field Organization. The purpose of this net is to provide communications during emergencies; provide training in all aspects of net operations; to serve as a forum for discussion; and to foster fellowship among Radio Amateurs. All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate in the Tar Heel Emergency Net.

"Stations with emergency, priority, or time value traffic, call."
{Handle Immediately.}

"Any stations with announcements or net business for the Tar Heel Emergency Net please call __________."
{Handle announcements after check-ins, handle net business after traffic is passed.}

This is ARES NIGHT checkins by AREA. Please give your call sign, name, location, ARRL appointment if any, and list any traffic."

"Are there any Mobile Stations? Please call."

Call for the ASECs.

Call in the rotation order Eastern, Central, Western.

Additional stations All Areas 1-15.

"This is __________ now closing the Tar Heel Emergency Net, Thanking all stations for participating. "

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