AUXCOMM Service Awards for 2020


AUXCOMM Leadership Award:† Leadership is not something that can be taught.† Its either a part of your DNA or it is not.† There are many definitions for leadership, but it is the qualities of a person who seeks out to be better.† Someone who leads with confidence and is an example to those he/she is an example.† For 2020 this award goes to Mr. Tom Brown from the great State of North Carolina.† Tom has been onboard with AUXCOMM from the beginning.† He gets the training goal of everyone comes together for the common good leaving any label they may carry at the door.† Tom Brown has willingly shown other states how AUXCOMM can be done right the first time.† We salute the infamous Mr. Tom Brown.


AUXCOMM Instructor of the Year Award:† Goes to Mr. Joey Clements from the great State of Texas.† Joey has always been a self-started that needs little to no guidance and teaches all of the COMU courses as one of the Federal Governments best instructors.† In the Fall of 2020, Joey took on the leadership role of training other instructors using a virtual training platform that will teach AUXCOMM, and other COMU courses, within the next few months.† He is simply one of the best instructors, leader, and public safety professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.† We salute Mr. Joey Clements from the great State of Texas.†


AUXCOMM Radio Net of the Year:† Goes to all those who keep the Maritime Mobile Network up and running seven days a week.† The professional net controls on this net have been doing this work for decades.† Their training ethic is strong, and they know exactly what they are doing when disaster strikes.† It does not matter if its maritime or on land, these people will take all calls for help.† We salute all those who work on the 14.300MHz Maritime Mobile Service Net.† In respect for all the great work they do, we ask all amateur radio operators to stay at least 5KHz away from this frequency, whether is normal operations, a disaster or contesting.† These people deserve our respect and courtesy.†


AUXCOMM Promoter of the Year:† Goes to Mr. Steve Waterman of TN.† Iíve never seen a man promote AUXCOMM over the past year than Steve.† He is a wealth of knowledge and gone out of his way many times to help states learn more about AUXCOMM than anyone else I know.† For his tireless efforts, his knowledge about the good things of the AUXCOMM program and for always being there whenever the call comes inÖ..we salute you Mr. Waterman.†


AUXCOMM Up and Coming States:† It is a tie and goes to both GA and MI.† Both have made major strides in moving their volunteer emergency communications towards the AUXCOMM model.† The individuals involved are top notch and they have both recently developed certification standards for AUXCOMM personnel.† This award was a hard one to judge because allot of states have started their move to AUXCOMM, but for 2020 we salute the great states of Michigan and Georgia for moving out the quickest


AUXCOMM State of the Year:† Goes to the Great State of North Caroline.† They take this stuff seriously.† The leadership in the state has them fully represented at the emergency management table, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure their AUXCOMM personnel database is accurate.† They currently have the strongest AUXCOMM state sponsored training programs in the United States and the leadership of AUXCOMM is nothing less than professional and engaged.† We salute all involved with AUXCOMM in the Great State of North Carolina.†