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Greetings to all Hams across North Carolina from Karl W4CHX, your ARRL NC Section

Posted May 31, 2014

TIM SLAY, N4IB APPOINTED AFFILIATED CLUB COORDINATOR - Effective April 30, 2014, Tim Slay, N4IB of Mooresville has been appointed Affiliated Club Coordinator for the NC Section. As the Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC), Tim N4IB will be the primary contact and resource person for the amateur radio clubs in the NC Section. For further information on the role of the ACC and how Tim N4IB can assist your club, please see One of the first things that Tim N4IB will do is work with clubs to update their officer lists and contact information. As a reminder, club records can be updated online at

Tim N4IB will continue as Assistant Section Manager providing valuable input on matters related to the Charlotte metropolitan area and western North Carolina. Similarly, Bill Morine, N2COP of Wilmington, who is also an Assistant Section Manager, will provide valuable input on matters related to eastern North Carolina. It is worth noting that Tim N4IB and Bill N2COP were NC Section Managers from 2006-2010 and 2010-2014, respectively. THANKS TO MIKE LEWIS, WA4KE, FORMER AFFILIATED CLUB COORDINATOR - On behalf of the NC Section, I would like to thank Mike Lewis, WA4KE of Fuquay-Varina for his service to amateur radio and the clubs in North Carolina as the former Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC). Mike WA4KE has served as the ACC since 2006. Mike WA4KE asked to be relieved of his duties due to increased personal and business commitments, but agreed to continue in the position until his replacement could be identified. Thanks again, Mike!

COMMENTS FROM TIM SLAY, N4IB ABOUT THE ARRL-AFFILIATED CLUB PROGRAM - There's a saying that if there are three hams in a town, there's going to be at least two ham radio clubs! Rather than a reflection of the trouble hams sometimes have agreeing with each other, I think this is an indication of the passions and varied interests represented in our dynamic hobby. There are 70 ARRL affiliated clubs in the North Carolina Section. Affiliated clubs have access to reasonably priced liability insurance through the ARRL, an especially important benefit in our litigious society. Clubs can also insure their equipment through ARRL programs. Affiliated clubs have access to mailing labels and lists of hams in their area, including new hams and recent upgrades. The ARRL will also refer prospective hams in the area to your club for follow up and recruitment and include information about your club on One of the most lucrative and little known benefits of ARRL affiliation is the Club Commission Program. Clubs receive a $15 commission for each new member or lapsed member (2 years or more) who joins through the club. Clubs retain $2 for each renewing ARRL member that submits through the club. Next month I'll discuss the requirements for affiliation and cover how your group can become an ARRL affiliated club!" To learn more about the benefits of being an ARRL-affiliated club, see benefits. Thanks to Tim N4IB for providing this information!

RED BADGES ON THE AIR (JUNE 1) - The ARRL has announced the first round of "Red Badges on the Air", which is scheduled for Sunday, June 1 (UTC). The event will run from 0000 UTC through 2359 UTC. As reported on the ARRL website, "The object is to provide an opportunity for Centennial QSO Party participants to work more ARRL officers, elected officials - such as Director or Section Manager - and Headquarters staffers and volunteers, which offer higher point value in the yearlong event. "The badges they wear at hamfests, conventions, and other formal occasions are red, hence the term 'Red Badges on the Air,'" explained ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X. .....QSOs with "Red Badges" are worth a lot of points - as much as 300 points per contact for working ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN - so participants can increase their Centennial QSO Party tally very quickly. Kutzko stressed that the event is "an activity day, not a contest." There is no required amount of operating time. Participants can call "CQ ARRL Centennial QSO Party" on phone or "CQ CENT" on CW or digital modes. While the event is focused on encouraging those with ARRL red badges to hand out Centennial QSO Party points, all activity is welcome, regardless of point value; every ARRL member is worth at least one point in the Centennial QSO Party. Participants get credit for each band/mode contact, regardless of point value." (, accessed on May 28, 2014). For further information, see the website listed above. Thanks to Sean Kutzko, KX9X, Media and Public Relations Manager; and, Steve Ewald, WV1X, Supervisor, Field Organization Team for providing this information!

ARRL FIELD DAY 2014 (JUNE 28-29) - This year, ARRL Field Day 2014 will be held on June 28-29, 2014. Although many clubs and individuals are already making plans for Field Day, it is not too late to consider participating in this year's event. For further information on ARRL Field Day 2014, eg, dates, bands, rules, entry forms, and information, Field Day supplies, etc, see By the way, if you want everyone to know about your Field Day operation or, you want to find a group to operate with, the Field Day Locator can provide that information, see

ARRL CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION ACTIVITIES (JULY 17-19) - The 100th anniversary of the ARRL is being celebrated during 2014 and as reported before, there will be many opportunities to commemorate this milestone. The W1AW Centennial QSO Party is "on the air" and it consists of two main activities: 1) portable operation of W1AW in each state and most territories; and, 2) The Centennial Points Challenge which is the accumulation of points from qualifying contacts made throughout 2014. For further information on the W1AW Centennial QSO Party, see

The ARRL National Centennial Convention 2014, will be held from Thursday to Saturday, July 17-19, 2014, in Hartford, CT. Activities planned for Thursday (7/17) include: all-day training sessions in public service, technology, and radiosport (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM); luncheon with guest speaker, ARRL First Vice President Rick Roderick, K5UR; and, international guest reception. Contest University, DX University, and Public Service Communications Academy seminars will be held on Thursday (7/17). Activities planned for Friday and Saturday (7/18-19) include: exhibit hall featuring ARRL program representatives, amateur radio manufacturers, equipment sellers, and indoor flea market; forums and presentations; ARRL Centennial Banquet with keynote speaker, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, KK4INZ (Friday night); ARRL Wouff Hong Ceremony (Friday, 10:00 PM); Presidents Breakfast (Saturday morning); and, closing ceremony (Saturday evening). Tours of ARRL headquarters and W1AW will be available Thursday through Sunday. For more information, see

LICENSING CLASSES - Salisbury (NC), Technician licensing class, June 11-21, 2014, sponsored by Rowan Amateur Radio Society. Skyland (NC), Technician licensing class, July 10 to August 21, 2014, sponsored by The Road Show Amateur Radio Club, Inc. To find upcoming classes, go to radio-license-class To register a class that your club or organization is sponsoring, go to Please note that the licensing class sponsored by your club or organization will not be listed on the ARRL website unless you register your class!

MAKER FAIRE NORTH CAROLINA (JUNE 7) - On Saturday, June 7th, four amateur radio clubs from the Piedmont region, along with the NC Section, will sponsor a booth on amateur radio at Maker Faire North Carolina. The goal is to introduce amateur radio to the attendees who are interested, like us, in technology and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Hopefully, this will result in more, new hams! Last year, approximately 5,000 individuals attended Maker Faire North Carolina, about 200 people stopped by the amateur radio booth, and about 80 people wanted more information on amateur radio. The clubs participating in this year's event are Triangle Amateur Television, Orange County Radio Amateurs, Alamance Amateur Radio Club, and Raleigh Amateur Radio Society. Maker Faire North Carolina will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the NC State Fairgrounds Exposition Center in Raleigh. For more information on Maker Faire North Carolina, see Please contact Karl Bowman, W4CHX, NC Section Manager, if you are interested in working in the booth during the event.

MEDIA HITS - Three (3) medias hits have been forwarded for inclusion in this month's newsletter. The first media hit originates from Georgia: respect/?intcmp=features The second media hit is a video of Christopher Tate, KJ4UBL presenting the Alamance County ARC's Field Day invitation to the City Council of Burlington, NC: Chris KJ4UBL is the youngest appointed Public Information Officer and a member of the ARRL Public Relations Committee. The third media hit is a HamRadioNow video about the ARISS contact with Dixon Elementary School in Holly Ridge, NC (Onslow County): Thanks to Larry Ford K4AEC, Tim Slay N4IB, and Sandy McCullough KJ4HTA; Christopher Tate KJ4UBL; and, Janice Hopkins KF4PJE for providing this information!

NTS SECTION TRAFFIC REPORT FOR APRIL, 2014 - QNI (total check-ins): 2,156; Total messages passed: 463. Station Activity Reports (SARs), total number: K4IWW 301, W2EAG 268, WK4WC 130, KC4PGN 121, W4DNA 99, WB4ZIQ 78, AK4RJ 69, WB4Y 66, W4TTO 45, KE4AHC 42, W3HL 38, KJ4JPE 35, KK4BVR 26, KF4OCU 20, N2RTF 14. Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR), total number: KJ4JPE 235, KK4BVR 166, W4DNA 160, WB4ZIQ 150, WK4WC 135, K4IWW 130, W2EAG 110, W4TTO 105, AK4RJ 100, WB4Y 100, N2RTF 94, KF4OCU 90. Thanks to Dave Roy, W4DNA, Section Traffic Manager, for providing this information!

PUBLIC SERVICE - Please consider checking into the Ham Public Service Net, which meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM EST on the Carolina 440 Link System. The Ham Public Service Net is a great place to learn about public service events that need your participation or it can be used to solicit help for your upcoming public service activity. For further information, including the location of a 440 MHz repeater close to you, go to service. Thanks to John Snellen, AI4RT for providing this information!

SILENT KEYS - We regret to report the passing of James A. (Jim) Babcock, K4ABJ of Raleigh; Kincheon H. (Bert) Bailey, Jr, W4FMN of Raleigh; Christopher M. (Chris) Linker, N4YMO of Concord, NC; and, Johnny A. Polk, KC4JOA of Albemarle. Please note: it is not possible to post information about amateur radio operators that have become Silent Keys without confirmation via printed obituary or similar.

SPECIAL EVENT STATIONS - June 7: Badin Bomber Crash 70th Anniversary, 1400Z-1800Z, NC4MC, Troy, NC, sponsored by Montgomery Amateur Radio Society. 14.250 USB 7.250 LSB 14.030 CW. Certificate. Donald L. Grady, KG4ZRH, 120 Woodline Dr, Troy, NC 27371. 70th anniversary of the crash of the USN "Badin Bomber" into Lake Badin, Badin, NC on June 8, 1944. June 7-8: The retired battleship, USS North Carolina in Wilmington, will be on the air as NI4BK, as part of Museum Ships Weekend. Overall details can be found at For specific details on the battleship USS North Carolina, see July 19: Peach Festival, 1400Z-1800Z, NC4MC, Candor, NC, sponsored by Montgomery Amateur Radio Society. 14.250 USB 7.250 LSB 14.030 CW. Certificate. Donald L. Grady, KG4ZRH, 120 Woodline Dr, Troy, NC 27371. Historic Candor, NC Peach Festival and Parade.

UPCOMING HAMFESTS - June 7: Winston-Salem Classic Hamfest, Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, Winston-Salem, NC, July 12: 29th Annual Firecracker Hamfest, Rowan Amateur Radio Society, Salisbury, NC, July 19: Mid-Summer Swapfest, Cary Amateur Radio Club, Cary, NC, July 26: WCARS Hamfest, Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society, Waynesville, NC,

QUA* - The month of May was really busy! On May 1st, I had the pleasure of visiting the New Bern Amateur Radio Club to award, on behalf of the League, the 2013 George Hart Distinguished Service Award to Mark Rappaport, W2EAG. Congratulations, Mark! Two days later, I attended the Down East Hamfest in Kinston (5/3), followed by visits to the Rockingham County Swapfest in Reidsville (5/10), the Dayton Hamvention (5/16-18) in Ohio, and finally, DurHamFest in Bahama (5/24). Yes, I did a lot of driving, but it was great to meet new friends!

I am looking forward to ARRL Field Day 2014! This year, I am planning on visiting Field Day operations in western North Carolina. I have not finalized my travel plans, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Again, a lot more driving, but it will be fun!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to provide input on our Section. I can be reached via email at or via cell phone. Thanks for everything you are doing for amateur radio! 73, Karl Bowman, W4CHX, ARRL North Carolina Section Manager, (919) 669-6068 (cell)

*QUA is an international Q signal (prosign) meaning, "Have you news of _____?" In the absence of a question mark, QUA means, "I have news of ____."