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ARRL NC Section Newsletter

February 2018

Greetings from Karl W4CHX, your ARRL NC Section Manager!

2018 CHARLOTTE HAMFEST/ARRL NC SECTION CONVENTION, CONCORD, NC (3/9-10) – The Charlotte Hamfest will be held on Friday, March 9TH from 3:00 to 7:00 PM, and on Saturday, March 10th from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, in Concord, NC. The location for the event is the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, 4551 Old Airport Road, 4571 Hwy 49 North, Concord, NC 28025. In addition to the commercial vendor exhibits and flea market, the 2016 Charlotte Hamfest will have raffle prizes and VE testing by WCARS. The forum sessions will include presentations on FT8; end-fed, half-wave antennas; digital radio; and, the ARRL and Charlotte Area Club forums. The 2016 Charlotte Hamfest is sponsored by W4BFB – Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society Inc. For further information, see (source: Charlotte Hamfest website)

POSTPONED DXPEDITION TO DISPUTED SPRATLYS RESET FOR MARCH – An international Amateur Radio team that postponed a December 2017 DXpedition to the disputed Spratly Islands now plans to be on the air in early March from Layang Layang Island – also known as Swallow Reef – under Malaysian call sign 9M0W, with CW, SSB, and digital operation on 160 through 6 meters. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

REMINDER! ARRL INVITES NOMINATIONS FOR SIX AWARDS (DEADLINES, 3/15 – 4/30) – ARRL invites nominations for awards that recognize educational and technological pursuits in Amateur Radio. Nominations are also open for the League’s premier award to honor a young licensee – the Hiram Percy Maxim Award. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

2018 DAVE KALTER MEMORIAL YOUTH DX ADVENTURE HEADING FOR CURACAO (DEADLINE, 3/17) – The 2018 Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure (YDXA) destination this summer will be the PJ2T contest station site in Curacao. During the week of July 19-24, three young radio amateurs between 12 and 17, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (no license required), will make the trip. All travelers must have a valid passport and reside in the US. … The application deadline is March 17. – Thanks to YDXA Team Leader Jim Storms, AB8YK, and Ron Doyle, N8VAR. For further information, see (sources: AB8YK, N8VAR, ARRL website)

NATIONAL HURRICANE CONFERENCE IN LATE MARCH TO INCLUDE AMATEUR RADIO SESSION (3/26-29) – The annual National Hurricane Conference is set for March 26 – 29, in Orlando, Florida. The theme this year is “Improving Hurricane Preparedness.” Some 1,500 attendees are expected. The Amateur Radio session will take place on Tuesday, March 27, at 1:30 PM. Presenters will address various aspects of the Amateur Radio response to hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. … The Amateur Radio session is typically open to hams, free of charge. – Thanks to The ARES E-Letter. For further information, see (sources: ARES E-Letter, ARRL website)

ARRL ANNOUNCES 2018 TEACHERS INSTITUTES ON WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY SESSIONS (DEADLINE, 5/1) – As part of its educational outreach through the Education and Technology Program (ETP), ARRL will offer three sessions of the Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology this July. The week-long workshops will be held at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, and in Dayton, Ohio – hosted by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA). The Teachers Institute (TI) is an expenses-paid, professional development seminar that provides teachers at all grade levels with tools and strategies to introduce basic electronics, radio science, space technology, and satellite communication, as well as weather science, introduction to micro-controllers, and basic robotics in their classrooms. The Teachers Institute curriculum is designed for motivated teachers and other school staff who want to learn more about wireless technology and bring that knowledge to their students. The goal of the TI program is to equip educators with necessary foundational knowledge and – through hands-on learning – generate the inspiration for teachers to continue exploring wireless technology and adapt what they learn to their classroom curricula. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

REMINDER! NOMINATIONS SOUGHT FOR PHILIP J. MCGAN MEMORIAL SILVER ANTENNA AWARD (DEADLINE, 5/19) – Nominations are open for ARRL’s annual Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award, which recognizes and honors the efforts of individuals who create greater awareness and understanding the services and benefits that Amateur Radio provides to the general public. The deadline to submit a nomination is May 19, 2018. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

3Y0Z BOUVET ISLAND DXPEDITION ABORTED OVER SAFETY CONCERNS – For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

FOXES AND HOUNDS – FT8 DXPEDITION MODE IS IN THE WORKS FOR WSJT-X – Speaking on behalf of the WSJT-X Development Team, Joe Taylor, K1JT, has issued a progress report on the team’s efforts to develop FT8 DXpedition Mode. … – Thanks to Joe Taylor, K1JT. For further information, see (sources: K1JT, ARRL website)

NBC NEWS LEFT FIELD REPORT SAYS HAMS “COULD SAVE OUR LIVES” IN A DISASTER – A team from NBC News’ nascent digital news unit Left Field was in Hawaii to visit with some radio amateurs to produce a report when the false nuclear missile alert happened on January 13. Left Field’s report points out how much we rely on cell phones and 21st century technology…and what we would do if these suddenly were no longer available. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

ARRL ANNOUNCES MOBILE DXCC OPERATING AWARD – ARRL this week announced a Mobile DXCC Operating Award, available to radio amateurs who have contacted at least 100 DXCC entities from a working vehicle, with antennas and power source capable of operating while in motion. ARRL Radiosport Manager Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, advised those pursuing the award to put safety first. “Distracted driving is a serious concern, so we hope all mobile operators exercise care when operating from a moving vehicle,” he said. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

3Y0I BOUVET ISLAND DXPEDITION REVIVED – Peripatetic Polish DXpeditioner Dom Grzyb, 3Z9DX, and four other operators announced over the weekend that their postponed plans to mount the 3Y0I DXpedition to Bouvet Island are back on. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

ARRL RELEASES TECHNICIAN ELEMENT 2 QUESTION POOL ERRATA #2 – For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

DUCIE ISLAND 2018 DXPEDITION PLANS COMING TOGETHER FOR THIS FALL – The Perseverance DX Group (PDXG) reports that its plans to activate the protected marine area of Ducie Island from October 20 to November 3, 2018 are starting to jell. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

GREAT CLUB LOG HARDWARE SHUFFLE COMPLETE – Club Log author Michael Wells, G7VJR, announced on February 13 that he has completed the “Great Hardware Shuffle” for the online service. The free, web-based tool can produce DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log-search services, and most-wanted lists. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

“AWESOME” ACTIVITY FOR THE 2018 ARRL INTERNATIONAL GRID CHASE – For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY SERVICE TRANSITIONING TO NEW ONLINE REPORTING SYSTEM – The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) will phase out the traditional ARES report forms later this year in favor of an online system called ARES Connect, a volunteer management, communications, and reporting system. For further information, see (source: ARRL website)

JOTA 2018 PATCHES TO BE AVAILABLE THIS SUMMER – The patch design for the US Jamboree on the Air 2018 (JOTA) has been selected by the National Radio Scouting Committee. BSA Supply expects to have patches available this summer. National JOTA Coordinator Jim Wilson, K5ND, said it’s never too early to begin planning for JOTA… For further information, see (source: ARRL website)


Raleigh (NC): Technician license class, March 3 to April 7, 2018, sponsored by Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, contact Carl Davis W8WZ by phone at (773) 949-5243 or by email at w8wz at aol dot com for further information.

Goldsboro (NC): Technician license class, March 8 to April 7, 2018, sponsored by Neuse River Basin Amateur Radio Assn, contact Wilson Hines AA5AZ by phone at (919) 394-4346 or by email at wilsonhines at gmail dot com for further information.

Gastonia (NC): Technician license class, April 14, 2018, sponsored by Greater Gaston Amateur Radio Society, contact Tony Jones N4ATJ by phone at (704) 827-2138 or by email at n4atj at twc dot com for further information.

To find upcoming classes, go to Please note that a license class sponsored by your club or organization will not be listed on the ARRL website unless you register your class. ARRL Registered Instructors may list upcoming classes on the ARRL website. For further information, see Also, please let me know if your club is sponsoring a license class. Thanks! (source: ARRL website)

MEDIA HITS AND REPORTS – The following media hits and reports are included in this month’s newsletter:

On the Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club and Field Day (2017), see (source:, Google search)

On February 5, 2018, an ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact occurred with Moore Square Magnet Middle School in Raleigh. A webpage from the Moore Square Magnet Middle School provides background information on this ARISS event, including the list of participants, see Thanks to John Brier, KG4AKV and his colleagues, and all participants for making this ARISS contact successful; and, thanks to Rosalie White, K1STO, ARISS International Secretary, for providing information and media hits on this event! (sources: Wake County Public School System website, K1STO, N2COP)

On the ARISS contact with Moore Square Magnet Middle School in Raleigh, see Thanks to James Marolda, KE4DRN, for providing this media hit! (sources: WRAL, KE4DRN, ARRL website, K1STO, N2COP)

On the NC QSO Party, an interview with Marty Young, W4MY and Bob Heil, K9EID (Ham Nation, episode 339, February 21, 2018, starts at 57:50), see Thanks to Marc Sullivan, W4MPS, NC QSO Party Log Analyst, for providing this media hit! (sources:,; Ham Nation; W4MPS; Raleigh Amateur Radio Society lists)

The following report (edited) was received from James Johnson, KI4TAT: “Moore County Amateur Radio Society 2017 Annual Report. The Moore County Amateur Radio Society (MOCARS) is an active part of the Moore County community, providing service, educational activities, and support of communications requirements by assisting the County Emergency Operations Services and American Red Cross during times of emergency and/or disaster. In 2017, MOCARS continued its resurgence in membership. During 2017, more than 35 new licenses and upgrades were granted. MOCARS hosts 2 meter nets twice weekly, on the club sponsored and maintained NC4ML repeater: Wednesday and Sunday evening at 8:00 PM local, 147.240 MHz, +600 MHz offset, +91.5 MHz tone; and, Monday evenings at 7:00 PM local 6 meters, 50.200 MHz USB, no tone.

MOCARS activities for 2017 included: participation in Winter Field Day (January); providing communications support to the Uwharrie Mountain Run, a cross country marathon for more than 500 runners; and, participation in the Southern Pines SpringFest (April), Carthage Buggy Festival (May), Baden Bomber Festival (June), Moore County Fair (August), and Aberdeen Sardine Festival (October). During ARRL Field Day, a self-contained simulated disaster communications station was set up in conjunction with the Moore County Health Department at Cannon Park in Pinehurst, complete with solar and generator power supplies. The club operated two-way communications for 24 hours. The Moore County Health Department and Emergency Operations Center had equipment on display. A family picnic was held on Saturday afternoon. Along with the ARRL, the club held a formal simulated emergency test to hone emergency communications skills in September. The scenario was based on the failure of a dam in the county and disabling of all conventional communications. Fifteen members participated and were dispatched to various locations including the County Emergency Communications Center, Moore Regional Hospital, shelters, and fire and police departments. Communications were established through the club’s permanent repeater, NC4ML. In December, twenty-three people attended a Christmas luncheon for members, family, and guests. To learn more about MOCARS, including information on our monthly meetings, see Respectfully submitted, James D. Johnson, KI4TAT.” Thanks to James Johnson KI4TAT, an ARRL-trained Public Information Officer, for providing this report! (source: KI4TAT)

The following report was received from Hal London, WB4ZIQ: “Stanly County Traffic Class. … I am pleased to report that the introductory traffic handling class on Feb 3 sponsored by the Stanly County Amateur Radio Club in Richfield, NC was a success. Twenty-one attendees brought different levels of experience to the class, which made for animated and interesting discussion. All were tasked with creating a radiogram (including an ARRL number) and voicing that radiogram to the group. In the beginning, the group was challenged to avoid that old childhood exercise where an adult tells the first kid in line “Mary had a little lamb” and the last kid in line repeats, “Mary ate lamb chops”. Fortunately in our class, the lamb was safe! The attendees mostly hailed from central NC and from the Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh areas. Lane WK4WC and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to repeat sessions in years to come. We are very appreciative of having the use of the Mt Zion Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall in Richfield, NC. This is an excellent facility for traffic training. … 73, Hal London WB4ZIQ.” Thanks to Hal London, WB4ZIQ, Official Relay Station, for providing this report! (source: WB4ZIQ)


QNI (total check-ins): 2,724; Total messages passed: 712.

Activity Reports (SARs), total number: KB4RGC 518, AA3N 262, KC4PGN 239, K4IWW 234, KW9EMG 208, W4DNA 193, WK4WC 133, WC9CW 119, KJ4JPE 93, W4EDN 53, W4EAT 46, KN4AAG 37, KE4AHC 35, W4TTO 30, W3HL 5, KI4UDZ 0.

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR), total number: W4DNA 215, WC9CW 200, KJ4JPE 195, WK4WC 150, KI4UDZ 132, K4IWW 130, KE4AHC 110, AA3N 95, W4TTO 84, KN4AAG 73.

Thanks to all stations for participating in NC Section traffic activities; and, to Dave Roy, W4DNA, Section Traffic Manager, for providing this information! (source: W4DNA)

SILENT KEYS – With deep regret, the passing of the following amateur radio operators is reported: James W. (“Jim”) Fleischhauer, Jr, KM4DCJ (SK) of North Raleigh; Charles Thomas (“Charlie”) Kluttz, Jr, W4TMR (SK) of Winston-Salem; The Reverend Dr. John Thomas Newton, Jr, K4VCQ (SK) of Montreat; and, Clifford (“Cliff”) Teague, KK4SWH (SK) of Cary. Please note: it is not possible to post information about an amateur radio operator that has become a Silent Key without confirmation via a copy of an obituary or death certificate.

SPECIAL EVENT STATIONS – No Special Event Stations have been posted for the NC Section on the ARRL website through May 2018. Special Event Station listings in the NC Section newsletter are based on what appears on the ARRL website, see Please consider listing your Special Event Station at least 60 days before the event, see Also, please let me know if your club is sponsoring a Special Event Station. Thanks! (source: ARRL website)


March 9-10: Charlotte Hamfest/ARRL North Carolina Section Convention, Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society, Concord, NC,

March 31: 44th Annual RARSfest/ARRL North Carolina State Convention, Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, Raleigh, NC,

April 21: 20th Annual Catawba Valley Hamfest, McDowell Amateur Radio Association, Morganton, NC,

May 12: 14th Annual Rockingham County Swapfest, Rockingham County Amateur Radio Club, Reidsville, NC,

June 2: Winston-Salem Hamfest, Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, Winston-Salem, NC,

July 7: 33rd Annual 2018 Firecracker Hamfest, Rowan Amateur Radio Society, Salisbury, NC,

July 21: Mid-Summer Swapfest, Cary Amateur Radio Club, Cary, NC,

July 28: WCARS Hamfest, Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society, Waynesville, NC,

August 11: 20th Annual Cape Fear ARS Swapfest, Cape Fear Amateur Radio Society, Fayetteville, NC,

August 31 – September 2: 62nd Annual Shelby Hamfest/ARRL Roanoke Division Convention, Shelby Amateur Radio Club, Shelby, NC,

It is not too early to apply for ARRL-affiliation of your club’s upcoming hamfest! For more information, see (source: ARRL website)

QUA* – On Tuesday, February 13th, I attended the monthly meeting of my home club, Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, and made a presentation on emergency communications and amateur radio. It was great see everyone, the hospitality was great, and it didn’t take very long to get home after the meeting!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to provide input on our Section. I can be reached via email at or via cell phone. As always, thank you for sending your emails, photos, and club newsletters – they keep me informed about your activities and programs! Thanks for everything you are doing for amateur radio and your community. 73, Karl Bowman, W4CHX, ARRL North Carolina Section Manager, (919) 669-6068 (cell)