NC Emergency Management Hurricane Frances Briefing

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This information was presented by Sarah B. Wray, GIS Administrator for NCEM, today (09/02/04) at 1330 for the briefing at the State EOC. The main concern, based on the projections at that time, was for flooding in the central and western part of NC. While not definite, it looks like amateur radio operators will be busy providing emergency communications during this event. Sarah provided information that related to rain events in the western part of NC. The presentation shows that as little as 5 inches of rain will cause problems - we could see a lot more than that.

The state has asked that amateur radio operators be ready to man ALL NCEM Branch offices. If you can PLEASE make yourself available to your county EC to support this effort.

Secretary Beatty said that it would be a great exercise if the storm avoids NC but we must be ready for the worst.

Did you know what part of NC has the record for rainfall in a 24 hr time period? The western mountains!

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September 2, 2004